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Customized for you

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The Road to Eco-Fashion
In a busy city, there is a women's clothing factory called "YOHERS", which exists with its unique environmental protection concept and innovative methods. We call on women across America to join us in environmental protection and protecting our homes. The founder of the factory was a young woman named Yolanda Harrison, who had been interested in environmental issues since she was a child. While studying at university, she was inspired by the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment and determined to inject new energy into the industry.


Dear friends, welcome to our world - "YOHERS" women's clothing factory. We are a women's clothing manufacturer committed to environmentalism and a social enterprise focused on the development of women's careers. Here, we not only pursue fashion, but also pursue responsibility and change the future of the fashion industry in a sustainable way.
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Energy-saving plants

In addition to material selection, the factory focuses on energy utilization. Our factory has installed solar panels, replaced artificial lighting with natural light sources, and uses advanced energy-saving equipment. By minimizing reliance on traditional energy sources, the factory successfully reduces carbon emissions and contributes to environmental protection.

Give back to the society

In addition, the factory also promotes a "zero waste" policy. During the production process, we strive to reduce the generation of waste materials, classify waste and recycle it. By recycling, this not only reduces the demand on natural resources but also reduces the burden on landfills. And we have specially added factories responsible for recycling. Responsible personnel will collect clothes and send them to environmentally friendly recycling factories. The clothes will be degraded or re-sorted, and remade into recyclable materials or exported to other poor countries, thus extending the use of clothes. life.
Calling on everyone
In order to further promote the concept of environmental protection, the factory has launched cooperation projects with the community. We organize waste recycling activities and encourage employees and community residents to participate. These activities not only raise everyone's awareness of environmental protection, but also promote the concept of sustainable development. I hope that the efforts of "YOHERS" women's clothing factory can be recognized by everyone, and our products will always maintain these environmentally friendly characteristics. Our founder, Ms. Yolanda Harrison, hopes that through her efforts, she can influence more fashion brands and promote the entire industry to develop in a more sustainable direction.

#Women's Clothing Factory Creating Dreams Together

Our brand founder resolutely devoted himself to the women's clothing industry and founded "YOHERS". Not only does it contribute to environmental protection, but it also actively helps women's careers. Ms. Yolanda Harrison hopes that through herself, she can influence women across the United States to join her in "girls help girls"
The "YOHERS" brand not only positions the factory as a place to produce clothing, but also builds it into a platform to support the development of women's careers. Ms. Yolanda Harrison, the founder of the brand, requires that starting from employee selection, we should actively recruit potential women, provide training and promotion opportunities, and help them continuously improve their professional skills.

#Achievement of dreams

The heroine in this dream world

Founder Yolanda Harrison not only focuses on the career development of employees, but also encourages women to start their own businesses. The factory has set up an entrepreneurial incubation center to provide women with entrepreneurial dreams with financial support, mentorship and marketing support. Because of these positive initiatives. "YOHERS" hopes to become an ideal place for female employees to pursue their career dreams. The establishment of the factory not only promotes the development of women's careers, but also hopes to set a positive example for the entire industry.

Ms.Yolanda Harrison

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